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Episode #3 - BIanca Zvorc Morris

Episode #3: Bianca Zvorc Morris and BeeZee EcoLand Fashion – Think Globally, Act Locally

Sep 28, 2016

“I do want to make a big difference. But I want to find the right way to make a big difference. This is very important to me – that somebody else is not gonna suffer at the expense of me making it bigger.”


I’ve known about Bianca – or BeeZee – and her sustainable, vegan fashion brand for a long time. But when I went to double check her online store (link in Show Notes) before our interview, I was amazed. In the last couple years she expanded her brand from kids’ clothing to toys, underwear, female fashion and even some items for men. And we’re talking really well designed items, made with fair-trade, organic materials and processed with non-toxic chemicals.

Because that’s Bianca. For her, making sure that everything she sells is 100%, PETA-approved vegan is just the start. It also needs to be good for the environment, good for the wearer, and good for everyone involved in the production process. That’s probably why her brand BeeZee EcoLand has been winning award after award for sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. That, and her drive for making things absolutely perfect. (Check out the portfolio included below to see the attention to details that goes into her products – not just the actual clothes, which can be ordered in standard sizes or tailored to fit, but marketing materials and packaging, too.)

But as you’ll learn in this episode, the journey of building a sustainable fashion brand is not always smooth. Bianca only launched BeeZee EcoKid when she left her high-paid marketing job in Manhattan and moved to Germany – and as I suspected, she does feel the business culture in the EU is among the things that hold her back at times.

Rather than make it all rosy, this episode is also about the challenges you face when the core principles of your brand fly in the face of everything that is standard practice in the fashion industry nowadays. It might seem like an uphill struggle at times, but just like in the food sector, attitudes are changing both on the consumer and on the supply side. And responsible, sustainable fashion brands like Bianca’s are at the forefront of this transition.

Show Notes


Main website and online store (worldwide shipping available):

Facebook: BeeZeeEcoKid

Instagram: BeeZeeEcoKid

Etsy Store: BeeZeeEcoLand

Bianca’s designs, including marketing and packaging, plus a full list of awards for BeeZee EcoLand: Portfolio on

A glimpse into the story of Mura, the clothes and fashion brand in Bianca’s home region of Slovenia. (Her current employees were among those that lost heir jobs in the bankruptcy): Bankruptcy Declared for Clothing Maker

Finally – if you haven’t watched Andrew Morgan’s documentary on the fast fashion industry, I strongly suggest you do. We need more films like this: The True Cost

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