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Episode #29 - Molly Patrick

Episode #29: Molly Patrick – Dirty Talk About Clean Food

May 24, 2017

“Our business and what I bring to the table isn’t just the food, it’s also about talking about real life sh*t, that may or may not be pretty.”


WARNING: Before you hit play, know that this interview contains some strong language. Definitely outside PG-13 territory.

Molly Patrick is a great example of an online personality brand done right – she’s the face of Clean Food Dirty Girl and in a lot of ways, her business is her life.

Defining an online personality brand can seem deceitfully easy. After all, YOU are the core of every product, so having an intimate understanding of your offering is a given. Except it’s never that easy. You know everything about yourself – but how much of it do you share with your audience? Do you keep it real? Do you polish away some of those details that you’re not really comfortable with? And just how much is too much when using a filter on your photos?

Molly chose to keep things real and focus on what makes her unique – in her case, this means focusing on the food, not judging people for their flaws or slip-ups on their path to healthier eating and not holding back on the cusswords when they’re warranted. Not because she decided she was going to swear to attract her audience, but because she decided to attract the audience that will love her for her way of talking.

Here’s the crucial takeaway from our conversation, and the one thing you should absolutely always keep in mind when you’re building a brand upon your personality: some people won’t like you. And that’s OK, because those aren’t the people who matter, anyway.

What’s more, this lesson applies even when your brand is built upon services or products. In fact, a lot of the things we discuss with Molly in this episode are just as relevant if you’re launching a startup, as they are if you’re deciding how to name your new Facebook page and start collecting likes (hint: in both cases you’re allowed to pivot and rebrand if it works better).

So this interview is absolutely NOT just about talking dirty to get people to listen to your message about clean food. It’s about finding the right way to express your message, finding your ideal audience, and it’s about the universal rules for building a successful business, regardless of size.


Show Notes

Main website: Clean Food Dirty Girl

Suscription to Molly’s email list: Saturday Fuckeries

Facebook private group (this is where the action is)



And just in case you’re in Austin, TX – Molly was the founder of this business: Arlos Food Truck Austin


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