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Episode #39 - Meg & Komie Vora

Episode #39: Meg and Komie Vora – The Ethical Fashion Challenge

Aug 9, 2017

“Just catering to the vegan community is really limiting yourself and there needs to be a much larger marketplace that you should be going after. That’s one thing that we have always done from the beginning.”


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not always the most fashionable person in the room. But despite my somewhat utilitarian approach to clothes, I am a big fan of brands making cruelty-free fashion a reality. So it’s always a great pleasure to introduce another one on the podcast and explore the approach of the person running it.

This time, though, it’s persons, plural. Meg and Komie Vora are the sister-founder of Delikate Rayne, a California-based, ethical and cruelty-free label that follows a zero-waste principle and aims to make compassion and sustainability fashionable.

Definitely something I can get behind, even though Delikate Rayne only produces women’s apparel (and this deficit of options for guys is one white space we do cover in the interview).

Fun fact about Meg and Komie: they never ate meat in their lives. Fun fact about Delikate Rayne: it took them 2 years before they felt they were ready to launch their brand. Which, as you’ll see, is part of their approach and making sure they have all their bases covered. On that topic, they seem to be a treasure trove of information on the newest plant-based and cruelty-free materials, although they also point out that not all of them are apparel-grade (which is something I probably wouldn’t have considered, but if you’re a fashion designer, it makes all the sense in the world to use materials that actually perform well when worn as clothes, rather than, for example, shoes).

Another part of the conversation that I really enjoyed is Meg and Komie’s approach to brand building and their use of social media (if you’ve ever wondered how Twitter and Instagram complement each other, this interview has got you covered). And, of course, the Vegan Wardrobe Challenge Idea, which I absolutely think should be made into a monthly thing – Meg and Komie, I hope you’re listening!


Show Notes

Main website and online store: Delikate Rayne

The blog section: DR Diary




…and of course, Instagram

Meg & Komie’s father’s religion, and a big influence on their values: Jainism

The Ananas-Anam brand of pineapple leather: Piñatex

Speaking of fruit-based materials – this is apparently a thing, too: Banana silk

Let’s not forget mushrooms: Muskin

And bioengineered spider silk: Bolt Threads

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