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Episode #40 - Behind The Scenes of Plant-Based Business Week

Episode #40: Behind The Scenes of Plant-Based Business Week

Aug 16, 2017

This week’s episode is a bit different.

It’s released less than a month before Plant-Based Business Week launches. To say that the past months have been crazy busy would be an understatement – we are launching an event that will condense the interviews, advice and knowledge of the first 9 months of The Plant-Based Entrepreneur Show into one single week of interview with the best and brightest of our movement.

And we’re doing it with video, too.

In this episode, Matt Tullman (of whom you’ll be hearing more on the show in the near future) and I discuss some of the best takeaways from the interviews we’ve already recorded for Plant-Based Business Week, and the enormous potential it paints for the entire plant-based industry.

If you haven’t already – click here to save your seat at the event.

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