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Episode #51 - Nimai Delgado

Episode #51: Nimai Delgado – The Big Guns Of Vegan Instagram

Apr 4, 2018

“Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t make a difference by being one person. Those singularities are the people who actually change the world.”


I love learning about things I know next to nothing about. That’s why it was so fun to get Nimai on the show. Because while I can hold my own in a discussion about plant-based nutrition, and I’ve been known to throw weights around from time to time, Instagram is an absolute blind spot for me.

Nimai, on the other hand, is getting exponential follower growth (with no ads used). He was recently featured in The Game Changers, the new documentary on top vegan athletes co-produced by James Cameron, and while this may either be a contributing factor of his growth, or a result of it, what is obvious is that most of it is Nimai himself being in tune with his message (and allowing things to flow his way).

It’s also not just about the physique or being an IFBB Pro-rated bodybuilder. The true lesson of this interview is that visual content on Instagram is just the conversation-starter. It’s what goes along with it that really makes the difference in growing a brand – and this is definitely where Nimai is headed.

Main Points Of This Talk

[02:28]                                                 Argentinian roots and spiritual foundations in a Hindu temple in the Bible belt.

[06:17]                                                 Resilience and closing off from personal attacks on your beliefs.

[08:29]                                                 Awakening to veganism after being vegetarian from birth.

[11:20]                                                 First competition victory and discovering a platform for speaking out.

[15:37]                                                 The spiritual bodybuilder’s training and nutrition protocol.

[21:09]                                                 Vegan fitness supplements – the good ones, and the ones following the trend.

[26:13]                                                 From engineering in the Oil Industry, to

[28:35]                                                 The team behind Vegan Fitness.

[32:47]                                                 “You’re quitting to be a vegan?!”

[36:26]                                                 If you’re going to fail, fail at something you love.

[39:10]                                                 The mental bank account of thoughts that affects your life.

[41:08]                                                 Nimai’s Instagram system.

[43:24]                                                 Photos grab the attention – but written content makes the biggest impact.

[44:34]                                                 Staying on top of social media algorithms

[46:54]                                                 The more you do something the better you get at it.

[48:48]                                                 Your daily life through the Instagram lens.

[51:53]                                                 Converting Instagram following into website traffic and email signups.

[55:20]                                                 Personal and professional plans for the future.

[57:45]                                                 Facing your personal truth and executing on your ideas to get to the next level.

[1:00:06]                                              Generations of the future and the ripple effect creating a better world.

Show Notes

Nimai on social media:




Nimai’s girlfriend Bianca Taylor on Instagram

Her Fitness Training Website

(Bianca is a bikini model… so some of her content may be borderline NSFW)

Nimai’s big upcoming launch:

Main website of his partner, Stephen Coote: Rise Of The Vegan

Stephen’s also been vegetarian since birth… his Instagram: Vegan Bodybuilding

One of the medical professionals on the team: Dr. Angie Sadeghi, MD

And another: David Goldman, MS, RD, CSCS, CPT

If you need an excuse for a weekend getaway to Mexico: Vegan Fest Cancun

The upcoming documentary on elite vegan athletes produced by James Cameron and directed by Louie Psihoyos: The Game Changers

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